How Do You Prevent Burns from Laser Cutting?

How Do You Prevent Burns from Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting/engraving is an effective way of making precise and accurate edges on your wood, plastic, or other projects. However, laser cutter burn marks have been a common challenge to most people to an extent of losing hope, which should not be the case. But the biggest barrier is how to do it perfectly without … Read more

How thick of wood can a laser cutter cut

How thick of wood can a laser cutter cut

When you want to make intricate designs on wood, nothing does it better than a laser cutter. From every-day items like coasters and clocks to art pieces and decor items, cutting wood with a laser cutter will result in jaw-dropping designs. But there’s a caveat – a laser engraver is limited to the depth it … Read more

How can laser engraving on ids help?

how can laser engraving on ids help

Laser Engraving is a process that uses a laser beam to burn images and data onto an ID card or a document, removing a portion of the material and adding features that are hard to replicate without specialized knowledge and technology. As many governments have already implemented laser engraving technology for ID cards and documents, … Read more

Can a 40 Watt Laser Cut Metal?

Can a 40 Watt Laser Cut Metal?

Laser cutting is the process of using a laser cutting machine to cut into materials such as metal. Laser cutting was once used only by industrial manufacturing companies but with the advent of inexpensive laser machines, it’s now becoming commonplace. But laser machines come with different specs and wattage is one of the most important … Read more

What is the Best Software for Laser Engraving?

What is the Best Software for Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is the process of using laser machines to engrave any design on various materials. The laser itself creates high heat that vaporizes whatever surface it’s being used on, which results in it exposing hollows that form to make the design. The laser engraving is rather easy to do, but without proper software, isn’t … Read more

What Can a 100 Watt Laser Cut?

What Can a 100-Watt Laser Cut

The 100-watt machine is pretty handy at manufacturing hubs but it is a favorite among hobbyists as well. You can use it to cut through lots of materials for your home-based laser engraving business. But what exactly can a 100 watt laser cut? A 100-watt laser cutter will cut a sheet of aluminum like a stick … Read more

Can you laser engrave leather?

Can you laser engraver on leather?

From garments like jackets to stationery and novelty items, leather is a material that adds a touch of finesse and class. But nothing adds sophistication to your leather items than adding a personalized laser engraved image or quote. Can you laser engraver leather?The answer is yes, you can! As long as you have the appropriate … Read more