Best Honeycomb Laser Engraver Bed: Top Quality!

Are you an engraving enthusiast or a business owner looking for the best honeycomb laser engraver bed to work on? Guess what? You’re in luck! We saved you some time and energy by compiling a list of five of the best laser engraver beds with outstanding quality. 

To make things even easier for you, we picked out the best bed overall based on factors like price, features, and ease of use.

Out of all the laser engraver bed options on the market, why did we choose these over other products? Keep reading to find out!

Best Honeycomb Laser Engraver Bed

TOAUTO 300 x 500 Honeycomb Working Table Bed

TOAUTO 300 x 500 Honeycomb Working Table Bed

The sturdy, rigid build of TOAUTO’s Honeycomb Working Table helps minimize precision errors by providing a flat, even, non-flexible surface for users to work on.

You don’t have to worry about your hands getting cut or scraped because this honeycomb table also comes with a removable frame for safe and easy handling. 

Another useful feature of this table is that it is made from steel, allowing the user to attach thin materials with magnets.

It is compatible with a variety of CO2 laser engravers and Diode Lasers, and the manufacturer provides custom table sizes for customers.


  • Size: 300mm x 500mm with frame, 25mm x 456 mm without frame 
  • Material: Aluminum frame, galvanized steel honeycomb area
  • Thickness: 20mm
  • Honeycomb cell width: 8mm

What We Like

  • Comes with a removable frame
  • Easy to set up and remove
  • Has a magnetic surface

What We Don’t Like

  • Customers have complained of receiving the wrong size table

The solid construction and removable frame of this engraver table make it ideal for applications like cutting. It can also be used with several different brands and models of laser engravers.

FoxAlien 520 x 460 Laser Honeycomb Table 

FoxAlien 520 x 460 Laser Honeycomb Table 

The FoxAlien Honeycomb Laser Engraver Table is one of the newer working tables on the market.

Although it is specifically made for the manufacturer’s Reizer, Masuter, and 4040 laser systems, this table is also compatible with other popular CO2 engraver brands. Its durable, rust-proof metal body allows users to secure pieces of material to it using magnets.

The bed comes with a frame attached to it for safe handling, and its sturdy, level, galvanized iron construction makes it ideal for making accurate cuts, engravings, and markings.


  • Size: 520mm x 460mm
  • Material: Galvanized iron
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Honeycomb cell width: 7.5mm

What We Like

  • Has a clean, compact construction and is easy to set up
  • Solid and durable
  • Affordable
  • Surface is magnetic

What We Don’t Like

  • Frame is not removable

Like the TOAUTO model, this engraver bed is ideal for a variety of tasks like cutting, and it can be used with other popular laser systems. 

It is great for users who want to work on large projects or with many small pieces of material.

SCULPFUN 300 x 200 Honeycomb Working Table

Sculpfun Laser Cutting Honeycomb Working Table

This honeycomb working table from SCULPFUN is made from high-strength steel and has a compact design and clean finish.

Built for CO2 and diode laser engravers, this table comes packed with useful features like a handy square ruler painted onto the frame for convenient and accurate measurements.

One feature stands out most to us: the innovative metal plate attached to the underside of the engraver bed. 

Aside from protecting your work surface from burn marks and damage, this sheet of metal emits a blue light when the laser beam cuts through the material. This eliminates the guesswork, as you may already know how hard it is to tell if the laser beam has made a clean cut on certain materials.


  • Size: 300mm x 200mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Honeycomb cell width: 9mm

What We Like

  • Very pocket-friendly
  • Blue light indicator is quite innovative
  • Square ruler comes in handy
  • Surface is magnetic

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t be used for large projects because of its small size
  • Honeycomb area is smaller than the listed dimensions

This offering from SCULPFUN comes with some pretty handy features. It is a great choice for people who only do small projects and need the convenience of a built-in ruler.

Dewallie LA400 450 x 430 Honeycomb Working Table

Dewallie LA400 450 x 430 Honeycomb Working Table

This offering from Dewallie is still fairly new on the market. It has several handy features like the protective design on the edges and corners of the frame that keeps the user’s hands safe from getting cut or scraped. 

This engraver table also comes with an aluminum plate attached to its underside. Like the laser bed above, this plate protects the user’s workspace from damage caused by the laser. 

It can be used for a range of applications, including cutting, and is compatible with other laser machine brands.


  • Size: 450mm x 430mm
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Honeycomb cell width: 7.5mm

What We Like

  • Edges and layers are covered for the user’s safety
  • Metal plate at the bottom is quite useful

What We Don’t Like

  • Honeycomb surface is not magnetic
  • More expensive than other aluminum options

This Dewallie Engraver Table is a good option for DIYers who work with materials that can easily be laid flat on the table’s surface and those who prefer the extra protection from sharp edges and corners.

xTool 500 x 500 Honeycomb Working Table

xTool Honeycomb Working Panel Set

Makeblock’s rust-proof, laser engraving table has an aluminum frame attached to its iron honeycomb body. This large frame features a very convenient square ruler printed onto it for taking precise measurements.

It also comes with a large aluminum panel under the table to protect the work surface from damage. Although it was built for the xTool D1 Laser Machine, it can be used with other Diode Laser brands and models for different tasks.


  • Size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Material: Aluminum frame, iron honeycomb area
  • Thickness: 22mm
  • Honeycomb cell width: 7.5mm

What We Like

  • Table is easy to set up and remove
  • Surface is magnetic

What We Don’t Like

  • Quite expensive compared to other models
  • A great option for DIYers who need a large surface area to work on or users who have to take measurements often.

What to Look for When Buying a Laser Engraver Bed Table

Best Honeycomb laser engraver bed

Before purchasing a new engraver table for your machine, you need to think about the task/tasks you mainly use it for. This might be engraving, marking, cutting, or all three. 

You should also note the type of material you use for most of your tasks, as this is a major consideration when deciding what type of table is best for you. 

Also, don’t forget to make sure that the table you buy is compatible with your laser engraver.

Materials You Use

For material that is hard to keep flat on the table, like cloth or leather, a vacuum table or a table that can work with a vacuum device (like the honeycomb table) is the best choice. 

Ferromagnetic tables are great for working with very thin materials.

Size of the Table

One of the things you’ll need to know before buying a new engraver table is the size of the machine’s bed. To do this, check your user manual or the manufacturer’s website to get the dimensions of your engraver.

Material the Table is Made From

Some engraver tables are made from acrylic material instead of aluminum. Acrylic versions of the traditional metal tables fix the issue of back reflection that causes tick marks on your finished product.

What’s the Difference Between the Honeycomb Bed Design and Other Designs?

Honeycomb Table

Laser Cutting Wood On A Honeycomb Table

The honeycomb design minimizes back reflections on the engraved or cut material. This type of bed can be used for different types of tasks, especially those in which the material has to be kept flat. 

The design also improves airflow, allowing the smoke produced by the laser to be expelled more quickly. This helps prevent smoke stains from appearing on the edges of the material you’re working with.

Grid Table

This grid design gives better support to the materials placed on it than the slat design. It is ideal for multi-purpose applications like cutting and engraving, with parts less than 100 mm (10 cm) wide. 

The acrylic version of the grid table is more suitable for polished materials like laminates, acrylics, and plastics, as it does not create reflection marks (tick marks) on the finished product. 

This problem typically occurs with aluminum grids.

Slat Table

The slatted design is ideal for engraving and cutting materials thinner than 9 mm. It is typically used for designs with parts that are more than 100 mm wide. 

Slat tables can also be made from acrylic materials, giving this version an advantage over the metal type. Like the acrylic grid, the acrylic slat eliminates the problem of back reflection.

Ferromagnetic Table

Ferromagnetic tables are a great option for people who only want to use their laser engraver for tasks like marking and engraving but not cutting. 

The smooth, magnetic surface allows the user to securely fix the materials in place (if necessary) using magnets. This is important to achieve clean, precise markings on very thin materials like films.

Vacuum Table

The surface of this type of engraver bed is covered in small, evenly-spaced holes. These holes allow the material placed above them to be suctioned to the surface, keeping it in place.

Vacuum beds are perfect for materials like leather, which are difficult to keep flat down on the table.

Best Honeycomb Laser Engraver Bed Recap

From the five engraver beds we reviewed, we have picked out the best one based on its price, features, and ease of use.

After carefully reviewing our picks, we chose the SCULPFUN 300 x 200 Honeycomb Working Table as our top laser engraver bed for 2023.

Although this is the smallest product on our list, it has the most innovative features and costs less than half the price of the other offerings.

If you are looking for a large engraver table, our top pick in this category is the Makeblock xTool 500 x 500 Honeycomb Working Table. 

If you can’t afford to dig that deep into your pocket, then the next best thing is the FoxAlien 520 x 460 Laser Honeycomb Table. It offers great features and a large working area for a reasonable price.


At the end of the day, choosing the best laser engraver bed completely depends on your budget and individual needs. If you do laser engraving as a hobby, you may not need to spend as much money on an engraver bed. If laser engraving is your profession, you might benefit from a more expensive product. 

If you still can’t decide, start with the options mentioned in this list and go from there.