Best Laser Engraver for Glassware: My Top 3 Picks

Adopted by industrial manufacturers, entrepreneurs, designers, and even hobbyists; laser engraving proves to be the most effective and efficient mechanism of marking and decorating glassware. But glass is brittle and it needs to be handled with care to avoid damage.

If you use the wrong laser engraver on glass, you can just as well kiss your project goodbye. But don’t worry – in this post, I will help you pick the best laser engraver for glassware.

In a hurry? My top pick is the Makeblock xTool D1 Laser Engraver with Rotary. Not only is it affordable but it’s also quite versatile. It easy to set up and works on lots of different materials. Just keep in mind transfer tape or paint will be required for engraving clear glassware.

What to look for when shopping for the best laser engraver for glassware

The secret to achieving great results when engraving on any material is getting an engraver that is suited for it. And this can’t be any truer for glassware. Here are the most important factors to consider when picking a laser engraver for engraving on glass.

  • Software Compatibility

Most Engravers come with specific software, while some don’t. In the first case, you’ll have to force all your work into the engraver software while for the second option, the engraver will work with your software. In the second case, you can work on any software like Photoshop for your designs.

If you have graphic design skills and are familiar with photoshop or other graphic design software, then you might want an engraver that supports that. But if you are a complete beginner with no graphic design skills, then you might want an engraver that comes with its own software.

  • Material Options

Different engravers are suited for different materials. Don’t pick the first engraver that has great reviews just because. Find out first if the engraver supports the material you need. For instance, some of the most highly rated laser engravers on Amazon are designed for wood, metal, and other synthetic materials but very few are designed to handle glass.

That said, most engravers can handle more than one material. So to get the best value for your money, you may want to think of any other materials you will want to dabble in and then go for a machine that can handle that material too.

  • Connection Options

There are several options for the connectivity of engravers with your Laptop. Consider checking your preferred option before buying the machine.  While most engravers connect to the computer via a USB port, some can connect wirelessly, e,g. via Bluetooth. You can pick any option of your choice.

For instance, if you are looking for a desktop laser engraver that is heavy and will mostly be stationary, a USB connection might work just fine. But if you are looking for a small handheld engraver that you can travel with, get one that has wireless connectivity. There is no one-size-fits-all solution here. Be the judge of the connection option that works best for your vis-a-vis the other benefits.

  • Size

Size is another important factor that most beginners often overlook when making a purchase decision.  Think about the space options you have. Where will you use the laser engraver?

Will you set up your glassware engraving business in your garage? Or are you looking to travel with the engraver to meet clients where they are? If it’s the former, then a large and heavy engraver is a good pick. If it’s the latter, you may want to consider getting a smaller and more portable engraver.

  • The laser power and engraving speed

When laser engraving glassware, you want a laser that will allow you to turn down the PPI to approximately 300. This will space the heat out over the glass and thereby reduce the chances of the laser creating shards.

For a 25 watt laser, you can go with 100% power and 100% speed. This will allow the laser beam to strike the glass quickly and leave the markings without damaging the surface. In other words, go for a laser that allows you to achieve maximum speed and power.

I have done my research by comparing several laser engravers and have handpicked the top three that are best suited for laser engraving glassware. The following section is my review of them.

The best laser engraver for glassware projects

If you are a returning reader, you know I have reviewed lots of laser engravers here. But of all the engravers, my top three picks for glassware projects are:


Let’s have a look at each of these in more detail below.

1. Omtech 55W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

My Review

The OMTECH Engraver Machine laser is designed specifically for glassware. If you’re looking for a machine that is capable of engraving different types of materials then the OMTECH CO2 Engraver Machine is one choice to consider. This CO2 Laser is able to directly engrave clear glass so no transfer tape or paint is required.

Compatible with the CorelDraw (not included), this engraver comes with a software called LaserDraw. This CO2 Laser is equipped with a 55-watt water-cooled laser tube as well as a high precision stepper motor and one of the best LCD control boards around.

Large engraving area of 16″ x 24″ with a motorized height adjusting lift table so you can easily add a rotary attachment. It also has dual pass-through doors so oversized and irregular shaped objects are a breeze to accommodate.

It doesn’t connect wirelessly but it has a USB port.  Setting up this engraver is pretty easy – just use the easy-to-follow setup guide that comes with it and you will be good to go.

For engraving of glass bottles, glasses or any other cylindrical objects a rotary device will be required.

OMTech Rotary Axis Attachment for Laser Engraver Cutter

This laser is more expensive but well worth the investment. It is more convenient as it can directly engrave clear glassware. This is a great choice for the best laser engraver for glassware if its within your budget.

2. xTool D1 10W+RA1 Laser Engraver

xTool D1 10W+RA1 Laser Engraver

My Review

This is arguably the best laser engraver for anyone that is just getting started on their laser engraving journey. Not only is it inexpensive and can handle glass but you can use it for lots of other materials as well.

It has innovative twin beam design which allows the cutting of 10mm wood in one pass, 5mm black acrylic in one pass and you can directly engrave stainless steel and metals. One of the key qualities of this machine is that it is easy to assemble which can be completed within 10 – 20 minutes.

It integrates seamlessly with most software including CAD, Inkscape, Photoshop, and many more. And the icing on the cake is its support for lots of graphic formats. With its large engraving area of 432x406mm (17×16″) and rotary device makes engraving of cylindrical objects a breeze.

Compatible with over one hundred materials including paper, wood, leather, metal, glass, black acrylic etc. Another plus is that it already includes a rotary engraving module. So you are all set to go.

Please be aware that a diode laser is not able to directly engrave clear glass. You will need to make use of transfer tape or paint. We find transfer tape to be the most convenient solution.

Greenstar TransferRite Ultra 582U Medium Tack Transfer Tape 12″ x 10 Yard Roll


xTool also has some great accessories that is worth a mention.

  • Honeycomb Worktable:

A fantastic accessory to consider would be the Honeycomb Working Table which will protect your worktable from any damage caused by the laser. You will also see an improvement in engraving and cut results. It will ensure a clean cut by reducing heat.

Makeblock xTool Honeycomb Working Panel Set, 19.68 x 19.68 x 0.87 inch Honeycomb Working Table for Laser Engraver Cutting Machine, Honeycomb Plate for Fast Heat Dissipation and Table-Protecting

  • xTool Laser Engraving Starter Kit:

You may also want to consider the xTool Laser engraving starter kit which has 99 pieces of some amazing materials. This includes metal business cards, dog tags, necklace, coasters, pine and plywood as well as some rubber.

xTool Laser Material Box, 99 Pcs of Engraving Kits DIY Materials for CNC Engraver Laser Engraving, Including Metal Business Card, Dog Tag, Necklace, Fir Coaster, Pine Column, Plywood, Rubber Mat

You cant go wrong with this engraver even though you cant directly engrave clear glass. With the use of transfer tape or paint it is more affordable than a CO2 laser and therefore our best laser engraver for glassware.

3. Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro-S2-LF

My Review:

One of the best kits for laser engraving recommended by professionals and experts. Lots of great features like active position protection, exposure duration detection and limitation, laser beam safety guard, flame detector and emergency stop button.

Easy assembly within 15 minutes. It is also compatible with most software including CAD, Photoshop etc. 400x400mm Engraving area is another plus and optional rotary device for engraving of cylindrical objects. Works with most materials so perfect for your all engraving projects.

This is the best pick for DIY enthusiasts that want to dabble with lots of different materials. It is the perfect size and it won’t take up too much desktop space.

Please be aware that a diode laser is not able to directly engrave clear glass. You will need to make use of transfer tape or paint. We find transfer tape to be the most convenient solution.

Greenstar TransferRite Ultra 582U Medium Tack Transfer Tape 12″ x 10 Yard Roll


  • Rotary Roller Engraving Module:

Should you want to engrave on cylindrical objects, cans, bottles then you may want to consider a rotary roller engraving module.

ORTUR Laser Rotary Roller, Engraver Y-axis Rotary Roller Engraving Module for Engraving Cylindrical Objects Cans,Compatible with Most Engraving Machines on The Market, 360° Different Angles

  • Colored Paper for Engraving on Glass and Ceramics:

If you are engraving glass or ceramics and want to engrave some fantastic color patterns then Ortur 5PCS laser engraver colored paper is an affordable option.

Ortur 5PCS Mixed Laser Engraver Colored Paper for Laser Engraving Machine to engrave Exquisite Color Patterns on Glass, Ceramics(Engraving Color: Gold/Silver/White/Black/Blue)

My Verdict

All the three laser engravers above are good picks for laser engraving glassware. The one that best suits you will depend on your budget as well as your unique needs.

That said, my top pick is the Makeblock xTool D1 with rotary but keep in mind you cant directly engrave clear glass and will need to use transfer tape or paint. Not only is it affordable but it’s also quite versatile. It easy to set up and its great not only with glassware but with other materials too.

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