How deep can laser engraving go? Everything You Must Know

Laser engraving is a popular technique used to create detailed and permanent marks on a wide variety of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, and glass. The depth of laser engraving can vary significantly based on several factors, including the type of laser used, the material being engraved, and the specific settings and techniques applied. This … Read more

Laser Engraving on Paper: Everything You Need to Know

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When To Stain Wood for Laser Engraving? Complete Guide!

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What is fiber laser engraving? Everything you need to know

Fiber Laser Engraving is used to create permanent marks on metals and some industrial plastics. In the engraving process with a Fiber Laser Engraver, a focussed beam of light is supplied through a fiber optic cable and utilized to engrave the surface of the material. So exactly how does fiber laser engraving work? Well, if … Read more

Does laser engraving wear off?

The introduction of laser engravers has made it possible to engrave almost any type of material with custom designs. Almost everyone nowadays owns a piece of jewelry or some decor item that has been laser engraved. Polishing of rings and other jewelry items is common practice but the question now is – will laser engraving … Read more

How do you clean laser engraved wood? Complete Guide

Wood is a great material for your laser engraving projects. But one huge demerit with wood is the residue that the engraving machine leaves behind. In some cases, you might even have to deal with some burn marks on your material. So, how do you clean laser engraved wood? There are three main methods of … Read more

Choosing the Right Leather for Laser Engraving

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Safety Tips for Laser Engraving on Plastic

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Can a LaserPecker Engrave Metal?

You may be wondering can a LaserPecker engrave metal. The answer is yes depending on which LaserPecker you have or intend to purchase. Any LaserPecker that does not include the 1064nm Infrared Laser will require metals to be coated for engraving. What Materials Can The LaserPecker Engrave LaserPecker LX1 10W and 20W Wood, Paper, Plastics, … Read more

Maintenance and Care Tips for Your Fiber Laser Engraver

Investing in a fiber laser engraver is not only a commitment to precision but also a commitment to its proper care. Regular maintenance ensures optimal performance and extends the lifespan of your machine. In this guide, we’ll explore essential tips to keep your fiber laser engraver in top-notch condition. Final Thoughts A well-maintained fiber laser … Read more