Handmade gifts laser engraved – You can make the best gifts

Name a person who doesn’t like receiving a gift, how about handmade gifts laser engraved. Can you? Of course not! We all love getting gifts but you know what is even better than a gift? A well-thought gift. And nothing says “I really thought about this gift” than a handcrafted one.

Sure, buying a gift from the store is easy but your gift will not be unique. As much as your loved one will be thrilled that you gifted them, the thrill will end as soon as they walk past another person wearing the exact same piece of jewelry. But when you hand-make your gift, it will always be special and timeless.

Handmade gifts laser engraved

But is handcrafting gifts complicated?

If you have been overly worried about the complexity of handcrafting a gift, don’t. You don’t have to be a skilled artisan to make a breathtaking piece – all you need is a good laser engraver (here is a link to some good ones that go for under $500), a suitable laser engraving material, and the design you intend to engrave. Then you can just sit back and observe as your engraver performs the magic.

The reason why laser engraver and handmade gifts make a perfect duo is that with a laser engraver, you can easily turn any dull wooden or leather object into an aesthetic work of art. And in case you are wondering what kind of gift ideas you can come up with, the following are some out-of-the-box ideas that you can engrave for your special someone.

Handmade Gifts Laser Engraved: DIY smartphone case

Laser Engraving Smartphone Case
Laser Engraving Smartphone Case

Smartphones are as ubiquitous as can be. They are no longer just communication tools but are now more like a personal assistant. That is why protecting your smartphone is important.

Gifting a laser engraved smartphone case could be an excellent idea to show your creativity and affection to your loved ones. If you have a laser engraver, you can easily make a personalized smartphone case with soft materials like leather or MDF wood.

Handmade Gifts Laser Engraved: Leather notebook

Laser Engraving Leather Notebook
Laser Engraving Leather Notebook

No, I am not talking about a Notebook computer. I mean the good ol’ notebook. Lots of people still love using notebooks to brainstorm, write to-do lists, or take important notes. Just investigate and find out if your loved one loves jotting things down and if they do, a laser engraved leather notebook would be a perfect gift for them.

If you are the creative type, you can come up with a creative design using photoshop and then engrave it on the notebook cover. But you don’t have to be a creative – you can also search for vector images online on both free and commercial websites.

Handmade Gifts Laser Engraved: Wooden table tops

A wooden tabletop comes with a priceless nostalgic quotient. Take a simple wooden tabletop and engrave your heartfelt quote for the person who you want to make feel really special and nostalgic. You can also engrave other wooden surfaces and objects.

For instance, you can make an aesthetically appealing chopping board by engraving it with initials, logos, or some other image. Can you imagine how exciting it would be to own a chopping board that has a lobster engraved in it?

Handmade Gifts Laser Engraved: Wooden photo-frame

Picture frames are always a great gift idea but you can take it to a whole new level by engraving some customized markings. Engraving a picture frame not only adds personality to the gift but it also turns it from an ordinary picture frame into a priceless souvenir.

Final thoughts

There are lots of other gift ideas that you can either customize or make from scratch with your laser engraver. The important thing is to make sure you get a good engraver for the project. See, not all engravers are made equal. For your convenience, I have a detailed guide for the best laser engravers to use on different materials