Top 10 Things You Can do with a Laser Engraver

top 10 things you can do with a laser engraver

If you are a DIY enthusiast, chances are you have thought about laser engraving and about the things you can do with a laser engraver. Laser engraving is an awesome way of starting a profitable home-based business. And the best part is you don’t have to break the bank to make it happen. Traditionally, laser … Read more

How can laser engraving on ids help?

How can laser engraving on ids help?

You may be wondering how can laser engraving on ids help. Laser Engraving is a process that uses a laser beam to burn images and data onto an ID card or a document, removing a portion of the material and adding features that are hard to replicate without specialized knowledge and technology. As many governments … Read more

The Best 3D Printer Laser Engraver: 2022 Reviews and Buying Guide

Best 3D Printer Laser Engraver

If you’re looking to start an engraving business or just trying to add a personal touch to your gift items, a 3D printer laser engraver could come in quite handy. 3D printers, especially multipurpose ones, are magnificent tools. They can print almost anything in the world, so long as you have an STL file for … Read more

Laser Engraving and Hand Stamping – what’s the difference?

laser engraving and hand stamping

Laser engraving and hand stamping are two popular techniques used in the creation of permanent marks on metal objects. From carving out a series of numbers and letters to etching breathtaking designs on metal, laser engraving and hand stamping will get the job done. However, these two techniques differ in so many ways. So what … Read more

How to Laser Engrave Acrylic: The Ultimate Guide

how to laser engrave acrylic

You can laser engrave or laser cut lots of different materials but acrylic is a favorite for most laser engraving enthusiasts thanks to its numerous benefits. For starters, acrylic smells and looks fresh at all times. Secondly, it cuts smoothly making it a great material to use with the laser. In addition, it is affordable … Read more

Laser engraving tips and techniques for best results (glass, aluminum, brass, wood, plastic, and marble)

Laser engraving tips and techniques for best result

Laser engraving is a very practical and useful marking technology and it comes as no surprise that it is increasing in popularity by the day. As laser technology improves, laser machines are getting less expensive and more versatile at the same time. This creates a wonderful opportunity for almost anyone to set up a laser … Read more