How do you clean laser engraved wood?

How do you clean laser engraved wood

Wood is a great material for your laser engraving projects. But one huge demerit with wood is the residue that the engraving machine leaves behind. In some cases, you might even have to deal with some burn marks on your material. So, how do you clean laser engraved wood? There are three main methods of … Read more

Laser engraving on uneven surfaces

laser engraving on uneven surfaces

Using a laser engraver to make intricate patterns is as easy as focusing your laser beam on your material of choice and letting the machine do the rest. But things can get pretty complicated when dealing with a material that is uneven like say, a mug, a wine bottle, or some other cylindrical item. How … Read more

Does a Laser Engraver Need Ventilation

Does a laser engraver need ventilation

The materials that laser cutters engrave and cut emit fumes and particulates. An exhaust system is employed to ensure that these fumes are removed from areas where people are present. Of course, huge production shops may have exhaust systems that are much larger and more intricate, but the concept remains the same. You must ensure … Read more

Are cheap laser engravers any good?

Are cheap laser engravers any good

You know the saying – cheap is expensive. But is this always true? While this adage might be true in most cases, there is always the exception. Price should be a determinant when buying anything but it should never be the only determinant. Sometimes, there are some cheaper alternatives that are not only just as … Read more