Can Glowforge Cut Glass? Learn About Glowforge Laser Cutter

Can Glowforge Cut Glass

Glowforge has become one of the leading names in the laser engraving and cutting industry. It is known for manufacturing high-quality laser cutters and engravers for different industrial purposes. Laser technology is beneficial for cutting thicker and thinner materials.  You may have heard that engraving glass and cutting various other materials is no longer challenging … Read more

What Can a 100 Watt Laser Cut?

What Can a 100 Watt Laser Cut

The 100-watt laser machine is pretty handy at manufacturing hubs but it is a favorite among hobbyists as well. You can use it to cut through lots of materials for your home-based laser engraving business. But what exactly can a 100 watt laser cut? A 100-watt laser cutter will cut a 12mm thick sheet of acrylic … Read more

CNC Router vs Laser Cutter – Which One Is Better and Why?

CNC Router vs Laser Cutter

If you’re looking to do some advanced cutting of your own, you will undoubtedly be looking for a practical and efficient machine to get the job done. As you narrow down your choices, the decision may come between a CNC router vs laser cutter. Due to the similarities between these two options, the choice between … Read more

What can a 50W Fiber Laser Cut?

What can a 50W fiber laser cut

One of the most advanced and widely used laser marking systems in the world today is the fiber laser engraving machine. It offers a high degree of versatility, requires little maintenance, and does not require any consumables during the marking process. As a result, the fiber laser engraver has a wide range of applications, particularly … Read more

How Do You Prevent Burns from Laser Cutting?

How Do You Prevent Burns from Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting/engraving is an effective way of making precise and accurate edges on your wood, plastic, or other projects. However, laser cutter burn marks have been a common challenge to most people to an extent of losing hope, which should not be the case. But the biggest barrier is how to do it perfectly without … Read more

Do Laser Cutters Emit Radiation?

Do laser cutters emit radiation

Laser cutters are machines used to cut into materials precisely, creating shapes, designs, and patterns. Lasers achieve this by focusing a thin laser beam onto materials to burn, melt, or vaporize them into desired shapes. Do laser cutters emit radiation? Yes, laser cutters do emit radiation, but the quantity depends on different types of machines. … Read more