Can You Laser Engrave Anything?

can you laser engrave anything

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, it’s no surprise that laser engraving has become one of the most popular methods of personalizing items. You may wonder whether can you laser engrave anything. A laser engraver can personalize almost any material, including wood, metal, glass, stone, and leather. The only limitation is the size … Read more

How Much Does a Laser Engraver Cost?

How much does a laser engraver cost

Laser engraving machines have become increasingly popular as both a hobby and professional tool in recent years. But how much does a laser engraver cost? The price of a laser engraver will vary depending on the machine’s size, power, the brand and the machine’s features. For example, entry-level machines may start at around $150, while … Read more

How to Laser Engrave Glass without damaging it

How to Laser Engrave Glass without damaging it

Engraving on crystal and glass is commonplace in the world of customization. From printing a company logo on beer mugs to engraving the picture of bride and groom on wedding champagne flutes, laser engraving on glass creates elegance and sophistication. CO2 lasers are often used to produce quick and convenient results compared to traditional methods … Read more

Can Glowforge Cut Glass? Learn About Glowforge Laser Cutter

Can Glowforge Cut Glass

Glowforge has become one of the leading names in the laser engraving and cutting industry. It is known for manufacturing high-quality laser cutters and engravers for different industrial purposes. Laser technology is beneficial for cutting thicker and thinner materials.  You may have heard that engraving glass and cutting various other materials is no longer challenging … Read more

The 5 Best Engraving Pens: Complete Guide

The 5 Best Engraving Pens

Looking for an engraving tool that works great and is easy to use? Read on for a quick guide on the 5 best engraving pens you’ll find today.  Engraving pens are a great tool to have on hand for any occasion. They’re perfect for DIY projects, scrapbooking, and other paper crafts. These engraving tools come … Read more

The 6 best laser engravers under $5000

best laser engravers under $5000

It is still possible to find the best laser engravers under $5000. Most sophisticated laser engravers go for at-least $10,000. However, these are typically industrial engravers that may be too advanced for your home-based laser engraving business. The good news is you can still kickstart your business with laser engravers that cost half as much. … Read more

Laser Engraving on Wood – everything you need to know

laser engraving on wood

Laser engraving is a handy and practical technique used to create permanent marks on various materials including but not limited to textiles, acrylics, wood, natural stones, metals, etc. From engraving company logos on products to making personalized gifts, there’s plenty of things you can create with a laser machine. Wood is particularly loved by most … Read more

Difference between laser engraving, etching, and marking?

what’s the difference between laser engraving, etching and marking?

Laser engraving, laser etching, and laser marking have one main thing in common. They all provide a means of permanently marking a material. Granted, the reasons for the marks will vary ranging from fulfilling statutory obligations in a product life cycle to making artistic pieces for selling on Etsy and other marketplaces. But as similar … Read more