A Complete Guide on Learning How to Engrave Jewelry

A Complete Guide on Learning How to Engrave Jewelry

If the trend of how to engrave jewelry has finally caught up with you, then you probably want to learn something about its origins. For example, did you know the history of engraving jewelry dates back to the first century BC.? Some of the oldest cameos (raised relief images engraved onto gemstones and other precious minerals) were found … Read more

CNC Router vs Laser Cutter – Which One Is Better and Why?

CNC Router vs Laser Cutter

If you’re looking to do some advanced cutting of your own, you will undoubtedly be looking for a practical and efficient machine to get the job done. As you narrow down your choices, the decision may come between a CNC router vs laser cutter. Due to the similarities between these two options, the choice between … Read more

Best Laser Engraver for Glassware: My Top 3 Picks

Best Laser Engraver for Glassware

Adopted by industrial manufacturers, entrepreneurs, designers, and even hobbyists; laser engraving proves to be the most effective and efficient mechanism of marking and decorating glassware. But glass is brittle and it needs to be handled with care to avoid damage. If you use the wrong laser engraver on glass, you can just as well kiss … Read more

Can You Laser Engrave Tempered Glass? The Definitive Guide

Can you laser engrave tempered glass

Tempered glass is a type of safety glass that has been treated with heat or chemicals to increase its strength. It is commonly used in windows, doors, and other fixtures in both homes and businesses. Tempered glass is also popular for use in electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Can you laser engrave tempered … Read more