Laser Engraver Enclosure Options: You Need The Best Quality

As you may know, laser engraving involves making precise and detailed markings using high-powered lasers. This process involves high temperatures, smoke, and a harmful laser beam which can be dangerous if not appropriately contained. This is why a laser engraver enclosure is essential for any laser engraving hobbyist or professional.

So what exactly is a laser engraver enclosure? This unique type of protective housing helps to surround the laser engraving machine, so the user is protected from accidental exposure to the laser beam, high temperatures, smoke, and fumes emitted when used.

In this post, we’ll identify the best laser engraver enclosures and discuss why they’re an essential laser engraving accessory.

Why Do You Need a Laser Engraver Enclosure?

Laser Engraver Enclosure
Diode Laser Engraver Enclosure

The best laser engraver enclosure also offers some protection against fumes, gases, and various harmful particles when a laser engraver is used on certain materials.

Some laser engraver enclosures also help to dampen the noise that is created while the laser engraver is used, which can make for a more enjoyable experience for the user, as well as those working that are nearby. The enclosure can also help reduce excess vibrations and temperature fluctuations, making it easier for the operator to work more accurately.

Another essential reason enclosures are so important is that they help protect the laser engraver itself. Given that a high-quality laser engraver is an expensive investment, it only makes sense to protect it.

So, not only do laser engraver enclosures help protect your laser engraver, they are incredibly useful for the safety of the operator and others, as well as the functionality of the laser engraver itself! Put simply, they are a very worthwhile investment.

How Can We Help?

To help you find a laser engraver enclosure that keeps you safe and enables you to work more accurately and precisely, we will highlight and review five of the best options on the market today!

So, if you’re ready to get started, let’s take a look at the top five laser engraver enclosures out there.

The Top 5 Laser Engraver Enclosure Options

SCULPFUN Vented Laser Engraver Enclosure – The Best Overall Laser Engraver Enclosure

SCULPFUN Vented Laser Engraver Enclosure with Smoke Odor Protection

This laser engraver enclosure from SCULPFUN is compatible with most laser engraving machines, including those designed to work with acrylics and wood.

It is made from high-quality, double-sided plexiglass coated with silicone. This means the enclosure can withstand incredibly high temperatures of up to 1,832°F (1000°C)! SCULPFUN is so confident that this enclosure can withstand these extreme temperatures that they back it with a full money-back guarantee that it will not melt or warp with use.

Another great feature is the built-in smoke and odor insulation. The insulation is so effective that 99% of dust particles, fumes, unpleasant odors, and even noise are contained within the enclosure. This is good for your health and makes for a much more pleasant laser engraving experience.

The crystal-clear viewing window lets you easily watch your machine operate but we always recommend wearing your laser eye protection glasses so you won’t need to worry about eye damage. It is incredibly easy to install and use, and the stainless-steel outer structure helps keep the enclosure stable while simultaneously protecting your laser engraving machine.

Overall, it is an outstanding choice that should work with your existing laser engraver.

Pros & Cons


  • Completely fireproof and high-temperature resistant
  • Effective noise and vibration reduction
  • Isolates 99% percent of fumes, odors, and particles
  • Extra-large size accommodates most laser engraver machines
  • Incredibly easy to install and compatible with most machines
  • Budget-friendly


  • Does not have a built-in interior LED light, so it can be somewhat challenging to use in low-light conditions

xTool Enclosure for Laser Engraver – The Best Quality Laser Engraver Enclosure

xTool Enclosure for Laser Engraver

This laser engraver enclosure from xTool is ideal for wood engraving projects. The entire housing is made from flame-retardant and smoke-proof materials. When laser engraving acrylics and wood, the smoke produced can stain a lower-quality enclosure, making it incredibly difficult to see, this is not the case with this enclosure.

We also like that it has a built-in exhaust fan that pulls dust, smoke, and unpleasant odors away during engraving. The fan also pulls fresh air into the enclosure, improving exhaust efficiency by up to 200% compared to enclosures not equipped with this type of exhaust mechanism.

The foldable design allows for simple installation, making storing and carrying the entire enclosure much easier when it is not in use. This enclosure is equipped with three extra-strength layers as well as one Polyester edge which will ensure that the enclosure is fireproof, waterproof, and has the best structural stability.

Since it is compatible with such a wide range of laser engravers, it is an excellent choice for hobbyists and professionals alike.

Pros & Cons


  • Completely fire and smokeproof
  • Reduces noise
  • Incredibly simple installation and protable with easy cleaning
  • Compatible with most laser engraver machines, especially those designed to work on acrylic and wood
  • Exhaust fan with efficient ventilation


  • Fits the xTool D1 exactly with no extra room for customization

JICCODA Vented Laser Engraver Enclosure – The Best Aluminum Frame Laser Engraver Enclosure

JICCODA Vented Laser Engraver Enclosure

Thanks to its high-quality aluminum frame, this laser engraver enclosure from JICCODA is lightweight and incredibly durable, so your laser engraver is protected.

The fold-down viewing window is made from a dark PVC material, reducing the intensity of blue light generated when your laser engraver is used. Not only does this allow for better viewing, but it also helps protect your eyes. We still however recommend you wear your laser eye protection glasses for complete peace of mind.

It is both dust- and smoke-proof, which protects your projects and your health. The enclosure is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1,832°F, so you don’t have to worry about it catching fire or warping with the high temperatures generated during engraving.

We also like its built-in exhaust fan and duct, allowing efficient ventilation. It is so effective that JICCODA claims it can safely vent and isolate 99% of the dust, smoke, and odors created while using your laser engraver. It is so effective at venting smoke and dissipating heat that it even protects the surface beneath the laser engraver.

It is effortless to set up and has built-in side compartments for your tools. While it is a bit on the pricey side, it protects you and your laser engraver means it is a worthwhile investment for anyone who plans on laser engraving materials like wood and acrylic.

Pros & Cons


  • The large viewing window is designed to improve visibility and protect your eyes
  • Large size makes it compatible with most laser engraver machines
  • Fireproof and capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Built-in exhaust fan and duct
  • Protects the work surface beneath the enclosure


  • Exhaust fan uses a USB plug and has a reasonably short cord, so you may need an extension depending on where you are working

WIZMAKER Foldable Laser Cutter and Engraver Enclosure – Best Portable Laser Engraver Enclosure

WIZMAKER Laser Engraver Enclosure

This foldable and portable laser engraver enclosure from WIZMAKER is an excellent choice for those looking for a more customizable option. Thanks to its adaptable, all-in-one design, it is easy to set up and install. It also works with many laser cutters and engravers, so you should avoid compatibility issues.

When it is not in use, the entire enclosure can be folded flat, which saves space in your work area, and makes storage much easier. It has tool pouches and ventilation ports on both sides of the enclosure, so it can be adapted to fit with just about any workspace.

The enclosure itself is both flame-retardant and smoke-proof. It can also isolate and vent 99% of dust, smoke, odors, and other particles generated while your machine operates. It is also equipped with two viewing windows, both made from a high-quality acrylic material that filters light and protects the user’s eyes. We do however recommend that you always wear your laser eye protection glasses.

While it is relatively expensive, especially compared to the other options we have listed, its adaptable and customizable nature makes it an excellent choice for those looking for an all-in-one enclosure that can work with various laser cutting and laser engraving machines.

We also like that WIZMAKER has an excellent reputation for offering reliable and professional after-sale support, so you know you are buying a high-quality product!

Pros & Cons


  • Customizable design makes it compatible with a variety of machines
  • Protects your eyes and improves visibility
  • Built-in exhaust duct
  • Foldable design improves portability and makes storage easier


  • Expensive compared to other options

VIVO Extra Wide Laser Engraver Enclosure with Exhaust Ports – Best Extra Large Laser Engraver Enclosure

VIVO Extra Large Laser Engraver Enclosure with Exhaust Ports

This extra-large enclosure from VIVO is ideal for those looking for an enclosure for a large laser or a diode laser with an extension kit. It also works with most laser engraver machines to accommodate a wide range of projects and machines.

The enclosure is rated to withstand temperatures of over 1,000°F while also filtering out smoke and unpleasant odors generated when cutting or engraving with the high temperatures generated by a laser engraver.

The two 4” ventilation ports allow you to connect an exhaust fan on either side of the enclosure, but the exhaust fan is sold separately. The drop-down viewing window helps filter out blue light, but it is still necessary to wear your laser eye protection glasses. It is also incredibly easy to assemble, as the entire enclosure can be put together in just three quick and easy steps.

Since options are limited for extra large laser engraver enclosures, this protective cover from VIVO is a great choice.

Pros & Cons


  • Works with diode lasers that have extension kits and other projects that involve engraving lengthy materials
  • Can be assembled in minutes
  • Has exhaust fans on both ends
  • Affordable price
  • Fireproof and will not warp with exposure to high temperatures


  • Does not come with an exhaust fan or a ventilation duct

Laser Engraver Enclosure: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Laser Engraver Enclosure

What is a laser engraver enclosure?

A laser engraver enclosure, also known as a laser safety enclosure, is a unique type of protective housing that can surround a laser engraving machine.

Not only does it protect the laser engraver itself, but it can also protect the user’s safety by shielding their eyes and ventilating smoke, and debris generated during the laser engraving process. The right enclosure can also reduce vibration and noise, making the engravings more accurate.

Why is a laser engraver enclosure necessary?

Laser engraver enclosures are necessary for safety, as they contain the smoke and fumes released during the laser engraving process. Some jurisdictions even require laser equipment to be contained within a certified enclosure for the safety of the laser engraver operator and others.

What materials are laser engraver enclosures typically made from?

Most laser engraver enclosures are made from several sturdy materials, including metals, like high-strength steel and aluminum, transparent, high-density acrylics, Polyester Fabrics that can withstand high temperatures, and various other temperature-resistant materials.

What features should I look for in a laser engraver enclosure?

When shopping for a laser engraver enclosure, consider the following:

  • Compatibility with your laser engraver
  • Proper ventilation and filtration to keep you safe while the engraver is in operation
  • Noise and vibration reduction
  • Durability and sturdiness of materials so that they can protect your engraver
  • Clarity of the viewing windows
  • Ease of installation and portability

All the enclosures we highlighted above have these features, so you can choose the option that meets your needs and budget.

Can I build my own laser engraver enclosure?

While you could feasibly build your laser engraver enclosure, this can be dangerous and expensive. Due to the high temperatures generated during the engraving process, you need to ensure that every single component used in the construction of your enclosure is fireproof. If you make your own, use high-quality materials you can trust, and consider consulting with a professional.

Given the high cost and hassle compared to purchasing a pre-made enclosure, there aren’t many reasons why you would choose to do so. Unless you cannot find an enclosure that accommodates your laser engraver, we recommend purchasing a commercial one.

Final Words

All five of the laser engraver enclosures we highlighted above are good options. You must determine which option meets your unique needs, preferences, and budget.

Measure your own laser engraver, then consider the factors you value the most out of an enclosure. From there, choose the best option for you and your machine.

For more information on why a laser engraver enclosure is worthwhile, we recommend reading Are Laser Engraving Fumes Toxic?

If you choose a laser engraver enclosure that does not come with its exhaust fan, or you would like to upgrade your existing enclosure, we also recommend reading The Top 5 Laser Engraver Exhaust Fan Options.